"The" River City Dude Understands ... Life
is a lot of work! The Dude can help you with yours
When you need assistance from time to time The Dude Abides! Do you have a project that you need help with? Are you finding that you're to do list it is going to take longer than you thought? Are you in need of some help to move the heavy stuff? Do you need someone who can safely maneuver in high places or tight spaces? Are the people you know too busy, unavailable, or unable to help you? Are you running for President of the United States of America and need someone to run your campaign for you? Sorry, I will not lie cheat or steal for anyone. I will give you an honest day's work for a fair day's pay. By the way did I tell you that I have held a wider variety of jobs than most any two people have held in their two lifetimes so I have probably been there & done that.
The Dude's most satisfying work is getting the job done!

The River City Dude
"Somewhat Knowledgeable"

A Community Services Resource

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